TikTok Spicy Rigatoni Pasta Recipe

TikTok Spicy Rigatoni Pasta Recipe

okay after about seven minutes you can see the onions are starting to brown a little bit that’s where we wanna go ahead and now incorporate our tomato paste and i’ve got six ounces concentrated get in there okay boy the aroma of that garlic is so good now you’re gonna want to stir this around and cook this down for about another five minutes so you coat in the getting all the onions coated okay after a few minutes i’m going to go ahead and add a good tablespoon of red pepper flakes because i like it a little spicy you can add less if you want or more now it’s time to deglaze the pan with our three ounces of vodka vodka this is actually a i’m using tito’s which is an american crafted vodka and you’re going to want that to cook off and then that way the alcohol is going to burn off and nobody’s going to get drunk on your pasta dish okay it’s time to add our heavy cream and before we do that we’re going to grab about a quarter cup of the pasta boiling water add it to the cream kind of helps bring it to a warmer temperature and hopefully won’t break on us and what i mean my break when the cream kind of separates

so you’re going to want to slowly pour that in and then in there by the way i cut the stretch oven to low at this point we don’t need it to be cranking hot at this point you see it’s going to come together this is going to be our vodka creamy tomato sauce okay while we were making the sauce we also boiled off our rigatoni and you just do that to your instructions on the box because you want it to be al dente so now they’re looking al dente which is firm to the tooth or the touch and we’re gonna go ahead and use our little spider tool and we’re gonna start dropping in the noodles and you wanna carry some water with it it’ll help kind of thin out the sauce coat those noodles oh yeah and right here is a good time to do some pinches of salt from the heavens i got my kosher salt i like to do one pinch give it a stir

That said you have to eat a bowl of rigatoni on may 24th 2021 so i’m going to make a recipe for you and it’s a vodka rigatoni recipe the tomato cream sauce it’s really good that way you’ll be notified every time we make a new video okay let’s get started okay check it out i’ve got my stock pot about halfway full of boiling water heavily salted a little olive oil in there and then i’ve got my dutch oven preheating on medium high heat i’m gonna put in two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil followed by two cups of diced white onion we’re gonna cook these down for about five to seven minutes it’s been about three minutes i’m gonna go ahead and add a nice tablespoon of my garlic shallot puree or you can use two to four cloves of crushed garlic and you’re gonna want to stir that around get that evenly coated

and then hit it again another pitch fresh cracked pepper is always good at this point i always have to use fresh cracked pepper just to taste now at this point you’re gonna add your six ounces of grated parmesan reggiano oh my goodness nothing like a good pasta dish such a comfort food and you want to stir your cheese in there until it starts to melt i think we’re ready to plate up okay for the garnish last thing you want to do is do a little basil chiffonade there you go get our pasta in there look at that rigatoni oh yeah the melted cheese and then like i said garnish a little basil that’s it folks super super easy all right guys you saw how easy that was to come together sometimes the recipes that are easiest are the best let me take a bite all right let’s get a couple of noodles get some of that basil um those red pepper flakes give it just enough kick it’s hearty creamy can’t go wrong with this recipe guys hope you give it a try and like i said like share

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