The BEST Chocolate Mousse Recipe

The BEST Chocolate Mousse Recipe

but the chocolate mixture becomes like lighter and more airy and now you can fold the rest in and really maintain the volume get the rest of those egg whites out and this is one of my favorite things to do in a recipe we’re going to use this dirty bowl for the next step so you don’t have to wash it so i’m folding this in and it’s okay if i see a few streaks remaining like right now the bottom is a little bit more chocolatey because in the next step i’m gonna be whipping up the remaining cream and making this just a little bit richer and a little bit lighter and more velvety so we want one cup of whipping cream in there we’re gonna mix this in and wipe it up so we’re gonna beat this cream until nice stiff peaks form you want it right to the edge where it almost becomes butter okay now it’s ready

all right i always like to finish it off by hand though yeah that’s a nice consistency we’re gonna fold this whipped cream into our chocolate mousse and just really try to avoid like pulling a straw out because at this point it’s this deliciousness but it’ll be that much more amazing once it chills and sets and we add a couple more things to the very end that is some amazingness it looks so creamy and indulgent all right i’m pouring this into a pyrex just so i can pour it now we’re gonna fill these little containers up as high as you’d like it’s totally up to you pour the remaining mousse into your cups place them on a tray and now these are gonna go into the fridge for at least four hours but they could be there for up to two days and no one’s gonna know look at these beautiful chocolate meats i’m gonna add a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top of each of these cups this is optional but it’s my favorite part finish off with a sprinkle of chopped chocolate and just like that your mousse is ready to serve that is light as air creamier than you can imagine and just perfect oh you’ve got to try this recipe

Today on preppy kitchen we’re making chocolate mousse so let’s get started for this recipe you’ll need eggs a little bit of granulated sugar some heavy cream and a nice semi-sweet chocolate first off you only have four ingredients for this delicious recipe the primary one is the chocolate so choose a chocolate that you love this is not a time for most chocolate chips today i’m using semi-sweet but you could use a combination with some more bittersweet for that extra chocolatey punch it’s really up to you give this a nice chop we want to have smaller uniform pieces of chocolate so it melts in the cream chocolate mousse is such an indulgence it’s just like rich but light as air and creamy at the same time you can also add like wonderful things to it to get other flavors you can let me know in the comments what you would like to add to your chocolate mousse i might have a little dash of some orange liqueur in there these are for the kids though

so today i will not be doing that that looks nice and chopped even for my virgo mind it’s okay i’m setting it aside bye-bye all right three large eggs here’s the deal you want to separate these into separate bowls even though it means more washing up for you just plop it right in right so one precious egg yolk into a bowl add that egg white into the clean bowl of your stand mixer or a large bowl if you’re using a hand mixer crack the next egg in i’m using my hands to remove the egg yolk because i find that that’s the best way for me i’ve had yolks break in my hands but i’m like fairly fast so they don’t go into the egg whites so now three egg yolks this should have been in a large bowl but extra dishes are fine one third of a cup or 66 grams of granulated sugar you could also use caster sugar if you wanted now we’re going to mix this up i love this moment there’s so many possibilities of things that could be happening it’s like this is a starting point for most custards so the custard fiend in me is very excited set this aside and now our next step is involving some cream you know i put out a video a while ago called my top cake baking mistake video one of them is like being prepared and reading the recipe through so if you don’t read a chocolate mousse recipe through

all the way and you just toss the ingredients in you’d be adding in too much cream this is an amount of cream that’s divided the first step is to use one and a quarter cups one and a quarter cup we’re gonna add one and a quarter cups metric unit below this is gonna get placed over medium heat for a few minutes just until it starts steaming we wanna have a nice cozy place for the chocolate to melt while your cream is warming up you can do a dish or two and hunt down the little cups you’re gonna put your chocolate mousse in that is one of the pain points of making chocolate mousse what will you put it in find those cups and get them out while this warms up cream is warmed up now i’m going to add the chocolate in and don’t waste any of this chocolate it’s not the easiest thing to make in the world so stir it in just to give it a little bit of a head start for melting and really if you chop your chocolate fairly finely this will form an amazing ganache right away so stir stir stir and you’ll see it come together that’s easier isn’t it all right just like one second of whisking it all came together now i have a silky wonderful and very loose ganache i got a lot of questions from people about using raw eggs and desserts like if you’re making anything meringue based that’s not baked you’re gonna have some raw eggs

in it if you don’t like the idea of that you can pasteurize your eggs i’ll put some description box realness below where you can just get the instructions and in some supermarkets you can buy pasteurized eggs already okay this is going to be set aside for a little bit of time right now it’s a tish bit warm we want to be closer to room temperature so go ahead and do a couple more dishes in the meantime magic of editing we’ll be right back and now we’re going to whip those egg whites up until they’re nice stiff peaks so mix it up on high [Applause] so right now we’re whipping up the egg whites and if you’re wondering like why this is going to add a lot of volume into the mousse and make it light as air and that’s it it’s lightening things up it’s not a pot it’s a creme it’s a chocolate mousse [Applause] i almost like walked away and did a couple things and i looked and this was right at a stiff peak like this is a nice stiff peak there is such a thing as over beating your eggs and you don’t want to do that because the consistency will be lost all right here’s the deal this is velvety and rich and soupy this has a lot of microscopic tiny little bubbles in here so what i want to do is add some of the mixture in like a third of it i’m just going to beat that in so this is called lightening the mixture you’re sacrificing a lot of air bubbles

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