Selling Insurance As An Introvert

Selling Insurance As An Introvert? Advice From A Top Producer And Agency Owner

but if there’s something particularly irking or stress inducing like picking up the phone as it is for many people in this business this is something that you can hire out and let somebody else handle instead of you having to do it for example when i first started i hired an appointment setter to call my leads so that i wouldn’t have to pick up the phone all i’d have to worry about is running the appointments and then for me personally i didn’t mind door knocking them because the other aspect was i had a card in hand a lead and i could show that person it was in fact them that had requested me not the other way around so on the same accord i didn’t ever cold call because for me my introversion was i never liked to disturb people i never wanted to show up unannounced to a person who didn’t request anything so having some kind of lead system where they request the information again built my confidence up to where i didn’t mind doing that so again for me that was my weakness i would ask you to kind of think of the same thing too as an introvert where are the things that are just the highest anxiety um there’s no shame in having to outsource it you know that’s we live in a capitalistic society people will be happy to do that for a fee and the other things too that work really well as you progress through this business is to drive your traffic generation

towards inbound instead of outbound again if you’re a telesales agent inbound leads might be a better solution where the leads are calling you you kind of operate in a position of strength because they are pursuing you likewise brand building kind of eliminates some of that stress of talking to strangers because they have the opportunity to get to know you and frankly most of the population likes the opportunity to investigate you get to know you a little bit better and uh before they decide to pursue you but by the time they do talk to you if you set a preset appointment or they call in to you they’ve already got to know you a little bit so there’s a different level of comfort than being flat out cold on a cold call and then um the last thing i’ll add here and this is true for extroverts and introverts when it comes to prospecting or selling insurance is that bottom line time and exposure reduces the fear and anxiety okay you have got to expose yourself to uncomfortable situations that is the essence of selling insurance you’ve got to take a leap of faith you’ve got to be frustrated that’s kind of normal when it comes to this business but what i will tell you is those first couple of iterations or attempts are going to be the most stressful

just like it would be working out your body’s going to react and shock to what you’re doing to it uh it’s it’s going to be like oh my gosh you’re stressing me out in a way i’ve never experienced they’re gonna be low energy feel bad but over time if you keep it up and work through that initial resistance you start to adapt your body gets stronger the stress from the workout is bad and that’s the same thing in this business what i have found is is that bottom line if you keep this process up it all starts to become rudimentary it’s you start to repeat the process over and over again and it doesn’t have the same stress level because you kind of expect that you predict it it’s no big deal and so again there’s no way to get to that point than to otherwise do it so don’t let your introversion uh box you into the point where you can’t experience growth okay so uh introversion’s okay it’s great it actually is going to benefit you in a big way but don’t let it stop you from pursuing this business okay so bottom line it’s okay to be an introvert and you can experience success if you have the right mindset on how to deal with it how to optimize it to your success and how to take action in spite of it so i hope this helped if you have any questions any comments leave below if you’re interested in being an introvert and joining my agency go to david dufour dot com forward slash faq and thanks for watching

so can you be successful selling insurance as an introvert well i’m going to tell you my story as a shy homebody and how i’ve been successful in sales specifically insurance sales and really give you some advice uh as a long-time mini-year insurance sales agent and agency owner on actually how introversion that’s your personality type is actually a good thing when it comes to helping people with insurance my name is david duford i own deford insurance group i train agents nationally to sell final expense medicare and annuities and aca under 65 health insurance face to face over the phone you can head on over to forward slash faq if you would like to learn more so uh being an introvert is it possible to be an introvert and be successful selling insurance well

i would say yes because i am pretty much uh the type a uh first example in the dictionary of an introvert uh specifically just to let you know a little bit about me i am a the myers-briggs personality i think that’s what it’s called i’m an intj which is a severe uh introvert that is more interested in staying home not going and attending group meetings that prefers calmness quietness versus constant engagement um as far as my personality type i’m very very fearful and high anxiety of speaking in groups i can do it but boy does it drive me nuts i don’t like speaking to groups larger than 10 people i start to get a little bit quiet and don’t participate as much and as a kid i used to be afraid to call pizza hut to place an order not to sell them something so but despite that i’ve had a lot of great success selling people individually and in groups uh in the insurance space as well as obviously getting on camera talking about the business authentically and uh sharing my ups and downs in the business so i guess where i’m going with this is how can you guys do the same um and what i want to spend some time on for you introverts out there is comforting you because being an introvert you actually have

i think uh more opportunity than you think to be successful helping people and getting them results when it comes to selling insurance so this isn’t supposed to be and it may sound like this like uh uh some a a thing against uh extroverts extroverts or extroverts right but introverts i want to kind of emphasize some of the things that introverts feel maybe is their weakness which is actually their strength so one of the things that uh of course introverts are very shy they don’t like to talk as often doesn’t mean they don’t like to talk but maybe in group settings or where there’s multiple people unfamiliar they’re kind of reserved right that’s how i am personally um but that actually leads many introverts to be i think some of the best listeners when it comes to uh selling and in selling it’s not being extroverted and talking out of uh constantly about how great you are that sells insurance that’s exactly the opposite happens actually what sells insurance is you listening intently while asking very intelligent open-ended questions and that’s what truly matters if you want to have success in sales so if you’re an introvert out there what i would ask you to do is think about that you probably are a good listener you probably pay attention to detail more or feel like you do and these are things that are powerful concepts that help you make sales if someone

feels like they’ve been listened to that you care about them that you’re authentic in that representation of caring they don’t care that you’re shy they want to do business with you because you’re interested in them by showing interest of listening and they’re going to be more likely to buy from you because of that again the other thing too about introverts that i personally did that helped me a ton is that you know one of the things that always drove me crazy high anxiety is having to pick the phone up and call people i hated doing that as a new agent and i felt like if i was forced to do that then it would prematurely end my business i didn’t have a problem sitting down one-on-one with people i had done that in my prior business of selling a personal training fitness training so i’d like that process process of it but calling the phone was just just a high anxiety opportunity and so what i ended up doing and what i would recommend to you guys is you can’t replace you you got to go out there and sell the things so you got to learn to be comfortable with that more on that in a second

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