Health Insurance SUCKS!

Health Insurance SUCKS!

i’m not a health insurance guy but for you business people out there when you’re able to pay for something and uh consider it a write-off or a tax deductible item you your our ears perk up and we take notice and that in fact becomes a real a real piece to our financial puzzle and that is what i like about the um the uh the health savings account is that everything that we uh we contribute to that account is in theory tax deductible so secondly the you our cost is low it keeps our costs down we’re probably saving as a family of three eight thousand uh twelve thousand i would probably argue you know around ten thousand dollars a year in premiums by going this route so if you imagine imagine you take that ten thousand dollars and you deposit that into your health savings account now and you got your premium over here so our premium i think is like 800 for our family right so we could write off that 800 a month premium and then also right off that 10 000 that we deposit into the health savings account for medical purposes so you know we my kid is going to need braces right health savings account pay for it tax deductible right now if i’m wrong on any of this

and i very well might be i challenge anybody to put in the comments um where i’m wrong with this but i think generally speaking and i’m not getting into the weeds i’m not getting in the details but generally speaking um that’s what it kind of looks like for me and that’s what it looks like that’s that’s what it means to me it’s a business tax strategy it’s a it’s a monthly uh savings strategy and um you know for our personal situation it works so um you know like i said put something in the comments if you got anything uh more specific to share and to add on to that and um you know prove me wrong i guess i’m not looking to be proved wrong i’m not looking to be proved right um but if i can learn from one of you guys for some of you guys out there that are you know more more uh in-depth into what health savings accounts are and how they compare to maybe traditional insurance and whatnot um you know that would be a um that would be a big deal to me i’d love to know but uh you know for me personally that was one of the uh that was one of the uh things that attracted me as well to this company right here exp realty because you know generally speaking as real estate agents and brokers you know health insurance was never an option for us we would always have to you know we’re self-employed people we were independent contractors

we had to go out in the marketplace and find insurance on our own which sometimes could be it’s extremely costly it’s just expensive when you’re not part of a group but what exp was able to figure out was to create a group and get massive savings for health insurance and gives that gives those real estate agents and real estate uh brokers finally an opportunity to um you know to have that uh access to really truly affordable health care and um you know not you know not have to worry about where we’re gonna how we’re gonna fund our uh you know crazy insurance premiums for our families so that’s a big piece too uh to the whole exp puzzle but um again this episode is kind of related to health insurance and the challenge with it and the um and uh and how the hsa homes uh health savings account is kind of working for me and my family so anyway if you have any questions you know i think right there right there

okay so we are back the real estate machine show in the modern success formula my name is chris maton thank you so much for joining me today on this uh happy monday right we all love mondays beginning of the week regeneration spring all that crap right so anyway um i’m gonna talk about something that nobody likes to talk about um just because it sucks and it’s boring and it’s a necessity it’s not a luxury but it’s one of the worst things in the world and it’s called health insurance and i’m not going to get political on any level in here but um health insurance is a problem it’s a big problem and um you know for the people for the the traditional employees out there that are working for companies where health insurance is provided to you there are levels of health insurance there is um you know all different kinds of ways to uh you know for employers to offer health insurance to their employees how that’s paid for what you get all that stuff i’m not going to dive into the weeds on any of that as far as i’m concerned health insurance across

the board is crap um and i don’t know what the solution is i don’t know what what the i don’t know what there is to do about it um but it’s expensive it’s not enjoyable it’s difficult to navigate and you know the days of oh i have insurance just go to the doctor and you know it’s i have insurance here’s my insurance you know it’s a nightmare it’s an absolute nightmare and um you know personally my family’s we’ve fought with it for a long time and you know generally speaking we’re pretty healthy we’re young we’re healthy we don’t have any major things going on and um you know to pay two thousand dollars a month or fifteen hundred dollars a month for um insurance that you know you still need to do co-pays and you need to do all this and you know if there’s any sort of peace of mind of having insurance i don’t know i really don’t know what it is um you know listen everybody’s different and you know obviously insurance health insurance for some people is the most important thing um in their life and for some they’re so for some it’s not and i think that’s maybe

what what generates the problem um as well we have pivoted um over the years and we do a what’s called a health savings account now i’m not an insurance guy i don’t i i couldn’t even explain it to you specifically of what it means but i’m going to tell you in my opinion and for my specific purpose and the purpose of my family why i think it’s a good um option for us and i could be completely wrong because i’m no i’m no expert here whatsoever but what i can tell you is that it probably saves us a bit it’s it’s it there’s two pieces to it and i don’t know if a health savings account is applicable to all people you know we are uh in fact self-employed so we’ve got a business and there is an argument there or i mean it’s not an argument it’s a fact um with a health savings account you know there’s a tax benefit to that so that’s number one when you’re dealing with a health savings account you are able to contribute into a savings account which essentially makes and then you uh pay for your medical treatments and medical expenses out of that savings account and everything that you contribute into that savings account is in theory uh tax deductible right so i’m not an accountant.

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