Grocery Haul And Easy Dinner Ideas

Grocery Haul And Easy Dinner Ideas

i feel like the best ingredient oh i wouldn’t afraid it says open and enjoy we’re about to enjoy it we’re going to take this ball of mozzarella cheese and we’re going to cut it into approximately half inch cubes we’re gonna add that into our red sauce and not let it melt completely but just get like nice and soft and warm yes you want it to finish yes in your mouth okay so cut it into little cubes and i actually tried to look for like the little pearl sized mozzarella balls but our store was out of them so if you can’t find them either you can just cut these into little bite-sized pieces all right okay give us a low down tell us well we put olive oil on her pasta oh yeah she did i feel like that’s against the rules i was gonna say the same thing so but what she did do was put shave harm directly on the pasta we’re definitely gonna do that since we happen to have some absolutely i’m going to do a little drizzle since she did a little drizzle of eboo yeah i mean she is the pioneer woman is that good yeah i think that’ll do it i mean it’s not my technique i’m borrowing this from the legend herself she said she used a potato peeler to make some nice cheese shavings oh oh my gosh that really works 90 of the time no

it looks so good i love the big chunks wow is that good i think that’s a good start okay i do have to say once y’all see this like all come together this is such a beautiful dish so if you’re having like a little family get together or just for you and your family i feel like this is something that’s like so pretty presentation wise to put into like a beautiful bowl and sit in the middle of your table that’s like part of the reason why i love this dish okay that mozzarella is starting to melt looks so good okay for presentation i’m going to top this with a little bit more palm and then the recipe also calls for lots of fresh basil i mean that is a beautiful dish beautiful presentation this is going to be so good the perfect bite bon appetit so good this is such an easy recipe it does not take any time at all seriously

like you can you can make it in like 20 30 minutes yeah like half an hour tops yeah you could even use rotisserie chicken honestly but i like i like using the chicken in there because it gives it more flavor like all the drippings yeah but it’s the flavor amazing this is like the kind of thing that will impress your friends and family okay good very simple so many pre-made ingredients yeah but you put all these things together and you got yourself a tasty treat and it’s warm and cozy this is definitely warm and cozy how are the little mozzarella bites oh just so smooth okay it’s nice to have like um it’s kind of good like that it’s not like all the way melted yeah like the cheese is like separate you know yeah agreed okay yay okay so i’m gonna go ahead and wrap up

Hello friends and welcome back to our channel so monkey and i just got back from nashville at like 1 30 in the morning last night and we have no groceries whatsoever we had kraft macaroni and cheese today for lunch and monkey’s like sister we got to go to the grocery store and memorial day is going to be this weekend we’re going to go to ocean lakes and stay in the camper plus it’s going to be crazy here there’s going to be so many um how you say it visitors visitors and vacationers here at the beach this weekend so we want to get to the grocery store before the mayhem so we’re going to go ahead and go tonight he’s going to go with me i don’t know if y’all can tell but i’m kind of losing my voice so b is probably going to do the grocery haul he just doesn’t know it yet i’m going to let him do it and then also i found a new recipe that looks so good and very easy so we’re going to make that tonight once we get back as well but let’s go ahead and go to the grocery store finally a home-cooked meal yeah we’re excited we’ve been gone and we are ready for just a nice good warm meal yep in like five days yeah okay so we are back from food lion and our grocery

haul is a lot smaller than what we thought it was going to be they were out of a lot of things they were looking for especially when it came to like meat and cheeses and things like that so i’m probably going to have to go to either walmart or publix tomorrow and still get a few things but funky is going to show you guys what we did pick up and i will say we did get a lot of like buying free things yeah so if it was on sale we tried to get it yeah got to spend that money wisely you know that’s right so let’s see where do we start let me start here where do we start so i think i have told y’all that it’s kind of hard to find fajita seasoning and i know that i should probably just make my own but whenever i see it i try and grab it so i got one of those and then um last week we made mississippi chicken and i’m pretty sure i either use my very last packet or i only have one more left and you all know i could not run out of this so i went ahead and got another one while we’re in the camper this weekend i plan on making my like artichoke chicken pasta salad so i got us a cucumber for that chicken for tonight’s recipe and i think we told y’all last time monkey and i love this sausage whenever we’re in the camper we always make this with like scrambled eggs or pancakes or something

but the maple one is so so good so so good so good oh and that’s also why i picked up the roasted garlic because i’m going to use this for my pasta salad and it was on sale and then over here you can never have too many of these on hand very true on sale i think we used the last of our rotel in a recent recipe so on sale pretty sure about it gotta have one of those in the pantry at all times they had my parm on sale which i was so excited for the farm monkey loves to get that two four fives had to get it and this time we got the right ones they are the salted dry roasted hallelujah we’ve been loving some kraft macaroni and cheese lately but not just any the spirals it has to be the spirals that’s like more adult style that’s like the gourmet craft rice pilaf or yours truly over there uh-huh uh triscuits for yours truly over here yes we’re gonna eat those with well you know these are good with just a little slice of cheese if we have a little lunch meat on hand when you don’t want to make an entire sandwich a little cheese little triscuit little turkey i like it [Laughter] these are rosemary and jalapenos so oh that sounds good i have to be in the mood for that one oh my gosh monkey on our plane yesterday i was looking through this magazine that like has all these recipes i found a recipe i cannot wait to make for you but it’s more of like a holiday recipe but just know that in a couple months which holiday like thanksgiving christmas

so just know like in six more months i’m going to make you a really good recipe if i i will probably forget and it’ll be a surprise all over again daisy may’s over here playing with her toy she’s having so much fun we have two variations of cheese here gorgonzola mm-hmm blue cheese’s friend and some fresh moths do you know why i got the gorgonzola you want to make yeah that one thing yeah the pasta with the soup is so good i put it in our favorites video and then over here let’s see we’ll just kick it over to the fruit we have a single banana one single banana blueberries and raspberries as always mr monkey’s favorite we got two yogurts these were a dollar each you know why not um let’s see we got daisy mason food all right got her fresh pet stash that over there i guess you know people have probably already seen this but what is this the old charleston chew i don’t even see you get this what is it yeah i snuck it in the cart it was at the checkout counter and i’ve never heard of that before oh yeah well i can’t wait to get into this chewy flavored nougat with a delicious chocolatey coating um these are rare typically only find at cracker barrel to my knowledge they’re probably all over the place but this whole thing dollar clean on wow i saw it couldn’t pass it up okay and then of course the classic of my childhood the fudge sticks those are monkeys favorite and we got them for the camper

this week not to be confused with the wanna always get you fudge striped cookies every time i go monkey wants fudge sticks and i always end up getting him fudge stripes it’s going i cannot not the same i can’t get it straight in my head for some reason um we got some sour cream variations here okay because i’m gonna make a recipe this week and try it with this light sour cream um i saw my friend make it on her youtube channel so i’m gonna try it and then of course we just need some regular full strength full strength over there full strength doritos that’s for the camper celery we have an onion lemon green bell pepper and limes yes this was an end cap purchase 1.99 we needed to replenish the cereal supply oh i didn’t show some of that stuff okay so we got some pineapple juice because i there’s like a little mixed drink that i love that calls for pineapple juice so we got that and then monkey got some those were those were on sale i figured who doesn’t want to have some olives on hand yeah this was also on sale i can’t be without pepper cheese now because i make mississippi chicken so often you gotta have them on hand okay i think that that is yeah i think oh no we didn’t talk about this mountain dew uproar never had it it’s due charged with berry kiwi i don’t normally drink soda you’ve been on a mountain dew cook lately this spoke to me you you’ve had a few mountain dews that’s like in the past several weeks yeah yeah yeah caleb gave you that one it hasn’t been it’s been over the past couple of months i would say yeah i don’t typically drink a lot of soda and of course coffee yeah girl okay that is our haul we’re gonna put it away don’t get started on dinner okay

so before we start cooking i want to pop in here and say a big thank you to mixtiles for sponsoring today’s video y’all to say that i am absolutely in love is an understatement our entryway has never looked more beautiful and if you don’t know what mixtiles is it’s the easiest way to get your best photos from your phone put on your wall into stunning wall art and let me just say every time we walk in our front door now my face lights up because i get to walk past all of the faces of the people i love most and there is nothing more precious than that the entire experience with mixed tiles is super easy you pick out your best and favorite pictures from your phone and then they will ship them right to your door and you stick them on your wall it is truly that easy and y’all we did this in like five to ten minutes it took no time and i have been struggling with what to put on our entryway and mixtiles was the perfect solution and the best part is that we did not have to put one nail in the wall you all know how happy that makes my bunkie so mix tiles are printed in 8×8 frame tiles that stick to any wall they don’t leave any damage and they can be moved around one of ours was a little crooked and you all know how b is so he wanted to take it off and kind of reposition

it it came off the wall so easy there was no damage whatsoever and it restocked exactly how it did the first time with mixed tiles you can choose your frame style as well they have the white one like we got they also have like a wood looking one that’s so beautiful also a black one lots of different styles they’re very affordable and this is not only a great product for you but this would also be such a great gift so if you want to try mixed tiles click the link down below in my description box and use code jessica25 to get 25 off when buying over 50 and that is valid for 30 days you can also skim the qr code right here on the screen taking it back to 2019 what do you mean and then we’re gonna stop for a minute in 2020 revisit 2021 and then 2020. what are you talking about monkey told me to grab the camera i’m gonna let him cook just so that y’all don’t have to like hear my voice too annoying it’s gonna be quick and efficient let’s do it so here we go show me i got to get in this pan okay go ahead either the well the actual recipe calls for penne or you can do the how do you say it retell rotel we have every pasta imaginable we’ll take your pick we’re going with rotel okay we’re going with bro telly we already got it out for you all right and i already have your water going back there and bring it to a boil thank you very much i’m good sous chef too thank you i’m gonna be your sous chef

let’s see what happens when you sous chef and not a chef chef okay let’s do it executive chef bunkie is the executive chef tonight tell them what we’re making we’re making delicious chicken it’s a good chicken mozzarella pasta yes i’m debating no we’re gonna do it this way here we go you want to save yourself some dishes people prep your veggies first oh yes look at bunkie coming through how much onion are we um here’s the deal allowed you can put however much you want but just cut it so that i can pull it out around it yeah i figured that was going to be the answer that i was given then if you will just cut that in half oh yeah for sure but not like dice it we gotta go like this at least and then i’m thinking of the volcano perfect now if you are making this for you and your family and you love onions go ahead and give it a dice no no no no no no that’s that’s plenty big no no no no no no we’re not using this oh we have to no no buckingham i’m not using that look how big that slice still is no no no it will saute and you can eat it that big or cut it in your bowl monkey if the onion is still too large then it will not cook properly down properly monkey no no no no okay you can i’m not going to eat this if you make it that big i mean that’s small okay

this is perfect look you cannot have an onion piece that’s that size look and then but then there’s that one still this is terrible this is terrible this is why we can’t have delicious meals okay so next is garlic and y’all know we love it so i say we’re gonna add like four or five cloves in there okay while mr b finishes cutting up our um garlic i’m gonna go ahead and get our chicken in the pan so we can get it sauteing we’re going to cut it up into little bite size pieces so i’m just going to take some kitchen shears and cut it up as i put it in our pan with a little bit of olive oil and then some salt and pepper tell us what’s next this chick is looking good we’ve washed our spatula we achieved some nice browning yes chicken’s been in here for about eight minutes okay we’re going to gently remove it to a plate but leave all that goodness in there to let your onions and garlic saute in exactly and look at all this beautiful garlic my monkey diced up and the onion and we have a very strange garlic to onion ratio here that’s how i like it but we’re gonna make it work quarter cup of garlic okay so just let those saute until your onions are soft in our case it might take a few minutes longer our water is boiling we gotta put the pasta in here me funky now we’re just saying we probably should have put our onions

in first before we did our garlic since they’re so big and let those cooks our garlic doesn’t burn but here we are we’re making do with what we can be as long as the onions have softened somewhat yeah i’ll be okay with it yeah step four did i guess right probably yeah we’re gonna add none other than a jar of tomato sauce what flavor you ask funky roasted garlic that’s hilarious good thing we may or may not have to speak to anybody for two to three days oh my gosh this is so funny but you can use whatever jar pasta sauce you want you gotta get this in there wow a little aggressive a little aggressive however we are going to add some pasta water because you want this consistency to be a little bit thinner than like the sauce oh that’s kind of smart whoa that’s smart me crazy a little bit more [Music] okay so to this add a little bit more flavor and a little heat and you don’t have to do this if you don’t want it like too spicy i would suggest but we suggest it add just a few crushed red pepper flakes in there and buffy monkey i say a little bit more yeah that’s okay that’s good yeah yeah so then to our sauce we’re gonna add back in all this chicken and then let this just kind of lightly simmer for like five to ten minutes we almost forgot

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