24 Best Air Fryer Recipes of 2022 | TikTok Compilation

24 Best Air Fryer Recipes of 2022 | TikTok Compilation

Just assembled two pieces of bread two pieces of bacon and two eggs then throw this all in the airfryer for 10 minutes at 3 50. pull it out sprinkle on some cheese and put it back in for another minute and your breakfast sandwich is ready check this out this is the easiest breakfast you’ll ever make never throw away your potato peels again take our peels drizzle them with a little olive oil don’t forget to scrub your potatoes before you peel them and i’m going to sprinkle with some ranch powder doesn’t that sound good then we’re just going to pop these into the airfryer 400 degrees for about eight minutes look at that and why not with a little sour cream dip this is kind of amazing these are best you guessed it in the airfryer state fair season only comes around once a year but i found a way to enjoy the deliciousness right at home airfry at 400 for about two minutes do you trust me y’all gotta trust me on this you’ve gotta try these so good grilled cheeses are better when they’re bite-sized i used to think making smaller versions of food was just more work but i was wrong these bite size grilled cheeses are toasty

all around gooey and cheesy in the middle and they’re so easy to make toss them in soup or chili or on top of a salad way better than croutons basic but worth it i promise no breading process required for this incredible easy snack bread string cheese and garlic butter are all you need that good old-fashioned white bread holds together on its own kind of like how it used to stick to the roof of your mouth you know what i’m saying butter helps it get super crispy when you air fry it at 400 for five minutes and listen to the perfect bite i told you you might want to sit down for this this is the best way to bake up and serve mac and cheese box mix is easy but any recipe will do just add extra cheese an egg and bake it in a loaf pan the loaf pan is genius on its own because you can bake up smaller batches this way and slice off a serving of course i won’t stop there i lightly bread and air fry this for an incredible snack it’s all about that crunch or make it dinner topped with barbecue crunchy cheesy tangy all the things for the perfect bite watch me turn this into this y’all loved the first mac and cheese hack so much that i thought i’d take it one step further by stuffing and rolling it to create something similar to erin cheney these are so easy to make with a box of old school mac or

it’ll work with your leftovers fold in some pepperoni and stuff it with a mozzarella ball way better than a mozzarella stick the ultimate perfect bite or pizza meets mac and cheese if you have an air fried pork tenderloin you don’t know what you’re missing you can screenshot this marinade recipe or just use your favorite i never knew you could cook larger cuts of meat like this in the airfryer without them tasting like rubber until now 400 degrees for 20 minutes is perfectly cooked with the most flavorful caramelized outside it’s tender it’s juicy trust me it’s as good as grilled and on its own it’s the perfect bite i’ve got the best way to eat leftover pizza you’ve got to trust me on this this is the best thing you’ll ever eat thanks to the airfryer look at that goodness the best part extra crunchy i’m loving these pre-made pockets of goodness more and more and if you haven’t seen me turn them into donuts check out that video by popular demand i threw them in the air fryer this time and they get perfectly toasty with the help of a little butter good and crunchy but we’re not done yet a light buttering before i add the cinnamon sugar churro touch which makes the whole thing special it’s hard to resist biting them now but topping them with ice cream and turning it into a sundae is next level genius it’s like topping a hot cobbler with cold ice cream you will blow people’s minds when you serve up this dessert i promise you savor every bite look at that

the ultimate perfect bite step aside oreo there’s a new fried cookie in town air fried samoas are the best thing you’ll eat today you’re only three ingredients away from the most incredible treat that starts with one of the best girl scout cookies these are so easy to prepare for a late night snack or a surprising dessert for company we make them healthy because we air fry them 400 degrees for four minutes and powdered sugar to remind us of the fair look at that drippy caramel also known as the perfect bite pesto plus pasta equals chips inspired by the viral tick tock video i thought i’d create a version with a bit more flavor cook your pasta till al dente and toss them with pesto the oil and the flavor will infuse into the pasta while helping them become super crunchy season them with salt and air fry them at 390 for about five minutes you’ll want to stop halfway through and give them a toss it’s not that these are much healthier than regular potato chips but they’re super affordable to make and they’re insanely crunchy a fun snack on its own or try dipping them in marinara or cheesy alfredo you know what this is sound on pumpkin cheesecake enchiladas yes please and before you say anything yes i realize these aren’t real enchiladas but boy are they a tasty treat for our favorite fall flavor mix two blocks of cream cheese with half a cup of sugar and a quarter cup of brown sugar before adding one can of well-drained pumpkin

and a small box of cheesecake instant pudding mix this creamy filling is stuffed inside flour tortillas and coated in butter and cinnamon sugar before getting air fried 400 degrees for about 3 minutes is all it takes for that good churro effect we top it of course with whipped cream caramel sauce and graham crackers because cheesecake look at that amazing and the crunch for the perfect bite who knew pumpkin cheesecake could taste so good this is an easy filling breakfast that you can put together in about two seconds and it starts with a pack of hash browns how good does that look this is the best gluten-free sandwich i’ve ever had this isn’t your mama’s eggplant you don’t even need to pull out a pot or a pan for this recipe cut it just like you would a mango going both ways taking care not to pierce through the skin if it won’t stay open you can insert a skewer through the back end to hold it open it tenderizes first in the airfryer with just olive oil salt and pepper and then you top it with your favorite marinara and cheeses you could also add chicken or ground beef here for extra protein it’s so easy and delicious and you eat it straight from the shell it’s so good it’s like your own personal package of flavor from that tomato sauce absorbed into the eggplant that gooey cheese on the top it tastes indulgent but it’s low carb so you can feel good about it leftover lasagna let’s air fry it remember the time i fried mac and cheese well same concept and process

here you’re going to start making too much lasagna on purpose it gives it a whole new look and reminds me of fried ravioli but better it’s crunchy on the outside gooey and indulgent on the inside i’m telling you this is why air fryers were invented you’ve never had crab rangoon like this before the best part is they taste indulgent but they’re air fried feel free to start with that fake stuff but i’m going to keep it real the other ingredients are classic terrangum with a couple added kicks you want to keep the filling in the center because it will spread when it’s cooked fill it up with water give it a little spritz and pop it in the airfryer to get crisp the sauce is made with sriracha and duck sauce you know the stuff that comes with egg rolls they’re crunchy on the outside gooey on the inside perfect bite let’s make apple pie with two ingredients and this one’s gonna blow your mind my favorite little debbie plus apple pie filling i knew it would be good but y’all i did not expect this this is a dessert that you can feed 10 people for about five bucks and they’re great because you can assemble them ahead of time and pop them in the air fryer when you’re ready to serve hot apple pies about five minutes at 350 in the airfryer is all it takes the crust is amazing you can serve them hot in the liner or let them cool for easy removal i added ice cream for you guessed it my favorite childhood little debbie the fudge round is the base for this dessert and let me tell you they taste a million times better when they’re heated just like a fresh out of the oven brownie they fit perfectly in a cupcake liner

just add caramel candies and pecans air fry them at 350 for five minutes tastiest turtle brownie ever warm gooey crunchy chewy perfect wine this fall snack couldn’t get any easier stir in one teaspoon oil a quarter teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon pumpkin pie spice you can add some sugar here if you want to make them sweeter spread evenly onto an air fryer basket and cook it 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes stopping halfway through to shake the basket they’re so addicting flavor’s so good this perfect bite snack break is brought to you by three easy ingredients i love a good sweet and salty snack and peanut butter banana is one of my favorites half a banana one pack of crackers and three marshmallows is all it takes the banana slice and the half a marshmallow fit just perfectly if you haven’t tried s’mores in the airfryer now’s the time 400 to 450 degrees for about two to three minutes peanut butter banana just got an upgrade let’s make easter eggs in the air fryer even easier than boiling water this is a great way to cook a lot of eggs at one time even if you aren’t gonna dye these eggs this method is great for perfectly cooked eggs for meal prep have fun with the colors and happy easter you gotta admit it’s pretty smart you

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